A Review of IT Business Edge by a Storage Marketer

Posted: June 1, 2011 by David Lamont in Reviews
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IT Business Edge is a web-based publication whose target audience is top-level IT decision makers who want to keep track of technical advances and new solutions. It has sections on Business Alignment and Management, Business Integration, Governance, Infrastructure, Mobile Technology, Security, Sourcing, and Vendors and Markets.

Storage, enterprise software, virtualization and most of the other topics we care about are covered under the Infrastructure section. From a CIO’s point of view that makes sense. From my point of view as an advertiser the topics I care about are somewhat buried. I suspect that’s why IT Business Edge is relatively unknown among my fellow marketers. It’s not a top-of-mind publication for these topics. In comparison, eWeek, which targets a similar audience, has tabs on the home page that are dedicated to Storage and Security. There is a special link for Virtualization.

What do I like about IT Business Edge? I like its coverage of storage, enterprise software, virtualization and the other topics we care about. It has good editors who follow the trends (at a high level), write about these topics regularly, have a critical mass of articles and they mention products. I can see why this publication is read regularly by executives (not just IT executives) and why it would be a good place to introduce a new technology or to build brand recognition among people who will ultimately approve big-ticket purchases. I also like the wide range of advertising options that include a reasonably priced pay-per-lead program. The IT Business Edge salesperson with whom I spoke was professional, creative and effective.

What don’t I like about IT Business Edge? In general, high-level editorial is insufficient for people who are actively shopping for a product. When it’s time to choose between vendors, readers often turn to the more in-depth coverage found in vertical publications. Additionally, in larger firms the product champion or the person who creates the short list of vendors may not be the top-level IT decision maker at all.

IT Business Edge does not publish an editorial calendar and they may go overboard separating “church and state.” This means advertisers don’t have much of an opportunity to time adverts with relevant editorial.

Are the sales leads any good? I expect you’d like a yes or no answer, but in this case the answer has to be client specific.  What works well for one client may not work as well for another. The variable is usually the client.

At Marketingsage we optimize lead generation programs for individual clients, their products, their target prospects, their resources, and their budget. We factor in the price a client currently pay for leads and the current opportunities available with each publisher. We strive to lower the cost of quality leads and we will take advantage of client-relevant editorials and special advertising deals when they present themselves. More information about our methods is available at marketingsage.com.

I did however have the opportunity examine an IT Business Edge pay-per-lead program. They over-delivered on the volume promised. The unfiltered sample skewed towards smaller organizations (i.e. not Fortune 1000 and federal government).

More than a few leads came in with the contact name in all lowercase or all upper case lettering. That’s an issue because incorrect punctuation can hurt email response rates and data correction can be a time-consuming chore. That said, the punctuation issue does not impact Marketingsage clients because we automatically fix it during our lead grading process.

Overall, I think storage marketers should pitch their stories to IT Business Edge editors and they should consider advertising. Their reasonably priced pay-per-lead program mitigates the risk of a trial.

About the Author

David X. Lamont is an accomplished marketer of IT products and a partner at Marketingsage, a PR and lead generation firm that specializes in marketing data storage, data management and enterprise software products. He can be reached by email at blog [at] marketingsage.net. Fellow marketers and IT professionals are invited to join his network on LinkedIn and to subscribe to this blog (see sidebar).

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