Oracle Buys Larry Ellison’s Pillar Data Systems

Posted: June 30, 2011 by Agnes Lamont in Opinion
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I don’t think I was alone in wondering what would ultimately happen to Pillar Data Systems. Today that mystery was solved when Oracle announced that it would acquire Pillar in a creative earn-out deal. It seems a fitting conclusion to the story of what always struck me as Larry Ellison’s zen storage garden.

Not since the heady days of Storage Networks have we seen so much cash follow faith into a storage company – $544 million went into Pillar Data Systems! This ending is, zen-like, just a beginning of course. We’ll be curious to see if and how the earn-out terms are actuated, how Nancy Holleran and Mike Workman fare at Oracle, and most exciting of all, what the attach rate of Oracle to Exadata, Pillar and future Oracle storage will be in the coming years.

For Marketingsage’s storage clients, the storage game continues to get more interesting as the ties between storage and applications get pulled tighter, consolidation continues, yet emerging companies still fuel the innovations that shape the technological future of data centers.

The release:

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