SSD: A list of perceived brand leaders by IT Brand Pulse

Posted: August 30, 2011 by David Lamont in Interesting Data
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In June 2011, IT Brand Pulse group conducted a survey of IT professionals. The respondents were asked which vendors they perceived as the leader in Solid-State Drives. The top-level chart they published is interesting, not because I believe this is a list of actual SSD leaders, but because it represents the perceptions of the IT people surveyed.

Sometimes perception has little to do with reality, but it’s at the core of a brand and it does influence purchases.

Why are these particular firms on the list? I think some are on the list because they were in the news, not because the respondents used their products. On the other hand, many of these firms were not in the news and there are a host of well publicized firms not on the list.

The answer may be in the report, but the ~$3,000 is beyond the budget of my curiosity. Nevertheless, I’d love to hear some opinions from fellow SSD marketers.

About the Author

David X. Lamont is an accomplished marketer of IT products and a partner at Marketingsage, a PR and lead generation firm that specializes in marketing data storage, data management and enterprise software products. He can be reached by email at blog [at] Fellow marketers and IT professionals are invited to join his network on LinkedIn and to subscribe to this blog (see sidebar).

  1. Scott says:

    Seems a few names are missing from this list. Also, it would be interesting to know if this is strictly “in use” SSD by IT pros, or just names and knowledge of the market.

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