Lead, Follow, or Get Out of the Way?

Posted: October 24, 2012 by Agnes Lamont in Opinion

I was browsing various news releases earlier today and something struck me. With so many leaders, pioneers, and global market leaders generating the news, what’s everyone else doing? Where are all the followers, the challengers, and the niche players?

For the sake of employees and investors in all of these self-declared leading companies, I sincerely hope that the claims of leadership are for press purposes only and do not represent their competitive strategies. Implementing a leadership strategy essentially puts a target on a company. In order to be successful, leaders have to invest considerable effort and resources in order to stay ahead of the other players in the market. I respectfully submit that’s a bit easier if you’re EMC or Coca Cola, than if you’ve just banked your Series A or B funding.

It behooves management to consider that adopting a leadership strategy is not for everyone, all the time. Indeed, being a challenger, follower, or a clever niche market player is likely to be a more successful strategy in growing both bottom line results and market share. Winning is better than leading.

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About the Author

Agnes Lamont is an accomplished marketer of IT products and a partner at Marketingsage, a PR and lead generation firm that specializes in marketing data storage, data management, security, and enterprise software products. She can be reached by email at blog [at] marketingsage.net. Fellow marketers and IT professionals are invited to join her network on LinkedIn and to subscribe to this blog (see sidebar).

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