Social Media: The Powerful CEO

Posted: June 4, 2013 by David Lamont in Interesting Data
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Here’s are some interesting survey results that support a CEOs active in social media. The chart comes from a MarketingCharts article.

CEO Social Media

In general, CEOs active in social media use blogs to communicate. From a marketing perspective, CEO blogs do help put a face on a company and they can help with press and analyst relations. They may even help enhance a firm’s credibility, attract new customers, and give the company a competitive edge, but that really depends on the content rather than the CEO’s personality or style.

So while I’d say many of these overwhelming positive figures are the result of serious brown-nosing by the executives who completed the survey, there is real merit to a CEO presence on social media. Unlike lower level employees, the CEO’s message carries more weight and his or her perspective is usually more interesting to a broad audience, especially if they are willing to express an opinion and engage in debates.

From a sales/marketing perspective, is blogging a good use of a CEO’s time? It is for plain speaking, lead-from-the-front, types who engage in product-centric discussions — assuming they can quickly write a blog for themselves, without a PR manager and lawyer scrubbing everything but the buzzwords from it. Only a minority of CEOs have the personality, product knowledge, confidence, writing skills, and computing skills to do that.

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